Kherson residents become witnesses of original show by British “Air Squadron”

Aircraft and pilots of the flying club “Air Squadron” (Great Britain) visited Kherson on July 9 and made an air show at the Kherson airport for residents of the city and neighboring settlements, a Ukrinform correspondent reports about this.

“Air Squadron” aircraft are flying on the route Belbek-Vinnytsia. These are aircraft of the times of the First and the Second World Wars. A decision about landing in Kherson and making a show has been taken five days ago. The main condition (for visiting Kherson - Ed.) was availability of the dirt runway,” acting director of the CE Kherson Airlines Yaroslav Agafonov told journalists.

In Kherson, aircraft additionally filled their fuel tanks, while their pilots met with local residents, who arrived in the airport, showed their aircraft and answered numerous questions.

However, only seven “Air Squadron” aircraft landed in Kherson out of the nine announced aircraft, another two went to the airport of Belbek, Vinnytsia, without additional filling of aircraft fuel tanks. From Kherson, seven aircraft headed to Kirovohrad, and from there - to Vinnytsia. On Wednesday morning, aircraft of the flying club “Air Squdron” will land in Lviv, and then they will fly to Poland.

Adapted from Ukrinform