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As of September 26, 2022, 48 of 100 vessels remain blocked in the ports of Ukraine/ Database

28 September 2022
As of February 24, 2022, 100 commercial vessels docked in the Ukrainian ports, not counting those of the occupied Crimea, all of which remained under the naval blockade by the Russian Federation. Of these 100, 34 belong to ship-owning companies from the EU countries, namely, 21— Greece and 24 — Turkey. As of September 26, 48 of the 100 vessels remain blocked: 29 – in the Mykolaiv region ports, 14 – in Kherson and 5 – in Mariupol. For various reasons, 12 of the 41 that were blocked on February 24, currently remain in the ports of the Odesa region.

Сrude Oil Export from Russian Black and Azov Sea Ports in April-August 2022

19 September 2022
If in July 2022 the RF crude oil was imported from the Black and Azov seas to 7 EU countries, in August that number dropped to 4. Only Greece, the traditional leader of our ranking, almost doubled its imports that month raising its share in the Russian Black Sea-Azov crude oil EU imports from 34 to 61%. There have been no signs of any exports reorientation to India and China. Moreover, in August, for the first time since the beginning of the large-scale war, India actually reduced imports by 30.27%, or 266,875 tons, while China did not import a single ton of Russia’s Black Sea oil.

The Presence of Russian Warships in the Mediterranean Sea as of 15 September 2022

16 September 2022
In late summer of 2022, Russia began the rotation of part of its warships in the Mediterranean Sea. missile ships of the Northern Fleet, a reconnaissance ship of the Black Sea Fleet, 2 oil tankers of the Black Sea and Northern Fleets were withdrawn from the Mediterranean Sea. As of 15 September 2022, the confirmed composition of the Russian Navy squadron in the Mediterranean Sea includes 10 ships (7 of which are missile ships) and 4 auxiliary vessels. If another missile submarine is officially confirmed to be in the Mediterranean, the total number of ships will change from 10 to 11, and the number of missile ships will rise from 7 to 8.

Crimea Under Occupation


Occupied Crimea. Exports and Imports / 2014-2021

23 November 2021
In 2013, foreign exports from the Crimean Peninsula amounted to 904.9 million dollars, and foreign imports totalled 1.044 billion dollars; Sevastopol’s exports and imports were valued at 99.8 million dollars and 106.9 million dollars, respectively. Thus, in 2020, exports from Crimea decreased by 26.7 times in dollar terms compared to 2013, the last pre-war year, and exports from Sevastopol dropped by 21,2 times. The decline in imports over the same period was by 25.4 times in Crimea and by 21.4 times in Sevastopol.



Exports of petroleum products (except crude oil) from Russia’s ports on the Black and Azov Seas in April-July 2022

16 August 2022
Since 24 February, when the escalation of the war began, the total volume of Russia’s petroleum products exports from the ports on the Black and Azov Seas (in contrast to the exports of crude oil) has hardly changed - it has remained at the level of 3 million tons per month. However, the structure of these exports has been changing radically since June-July 2022. From May to July 2022, the share of "EU+" countries in the imports of Russia’s petroleum products from the ports on the Black and Azov Seas decreased from 71.1% to 54.2%.