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The Duration of Artificial Delays of Vessels in the Kerch Strait. The Monitoring for December 2021

05 January 2022
From December 2018 to December 2020, due to the threat of the "Azov package" of international sanctions against Russian ports on the Sea of Azov, there was a slight decrease in the average duration of artificial delays of ships at the exit from the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea: in 2018 − 79.5 hours; in 2019 − up to 37.4 hours; in 2020 − 29.6 hours per vessel. In 2021, this figure has increased significantly to 39.8 hours per vessel and already exceeded those for 2019 and 2020.

International Security Risks in the Azov-Black Sea Region in November-December 2021

20 December 2021
Russia is continuing to prepare for war. Increased obstruction of traffic in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov has been recorded. The possibility of military action on the Ukrainian coast of the Sea of Azov, in particular airborne assault and amphibious operations, cannot be ruled out. The risk of Russian aggression will increase during the winter holidays and the Winter Olympics in China. The almost continuous presence in the Black Sea of powerful NATO missile ships is an effective deterrent to the aggressor.

Maritime Security of Ukraine. A Reference Work. (15) Necessary Legal Measures Ukraine Should Take

19 December 2021
On 7 December 2021, the interdepartmental working group of the National Security and Defenсe Council of Ukraine completed work on the draft Maritime Security Strategy of Ukraine. The strategy was developed taking into account the proposals that had been repeatedly covered by BlackSeaNews. Therefore, the editors have decided to create a concise and clear reference work based on the contributions from our authors, which looks at the terminology and problems related to maritime security and provides expert explanations.

Crimea Under Occupation


Occupied Crimea. Exports and Imports / 2014-2021

23 November 2021
In 2013, foreign exports from the Crimean Peninsula amounted to 904.9 million dollars, and foreign imports totalled 1.044 billion dollars; Sevastopol’s exports and imports were valued at 99.8 million dollars and 106.9 million dollars, respectively. Thus, in 2020, exports from Crimea decreased by 26.7 times in dollar terms compared to 2013, the last pre-war year, and exports from Sevastopol dropped by 21,2 times. The decline in imports over the same period was by 25.4 times in Crimea and by 21.4 times in Sevastopol.