Ukraine sends note to Russia demanding joint probe into death of Ukrainian sailors in Azov Sea

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Ruslan Demchenko handed a note over to Charge d'affaires of Russia in Ukraine Andrey Vorobyov demanding a comprehensive investigation into the death of Ukrainian sailors in the Sea of Azov, involving the Russian coastguard boats, the Foreign Ministry's press office said in a statement Thursday.

"The Ukrainian side demands a thorough and objective investigation into the incident involving the Ukrainian and Russian competent authorities, as well as measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in the future," the report reads.

At a meeting with Vorobyov, Demchenko also expressed deep concern about the actions of the Russian border guards and their disproportionate measures that have led to tragic consequences.

At the same time, Vorobyov expressed regret over the incident. He also said that Russia will take the necessary measures for the proper investigation into the case. The Russian diplomat also assured that Russia will provide every possible assistance for the treatment of those suffered, the search for those missing, and the repatriation of bodies of the Ukrainian citizens.

As Ukrinform reported, two Ukrainian sailors have been killed in a clash of a motor launch with a Russian coastguard boat in the Azov Sea on July 17. One of the crew members has been rescued, 2 more are missing.

Adapted from ukrinform