Crimean tour operators believe the current season is successful

Crimean tour operators believe the current resort season is successful.

President of «Kandahar» Group of Companies Boris Zelinsky has informed that in the first 3 months of 2013 a stable rise in the Crimean tour products’ sales could be observed, but in April the growth was a little bit slower. «This year we have had quite long May holidays, so the number of tourists in this period has been quite considerable. The growth in the number of tourists, served during the May holidays by «Kandahar» Company, has been 100%», – Boris Zelinsky.

Natalia Afonyushkina, Manager of «Blue Lagoon» Agency (dealing with improvement of the children's health), says that since the beginning of the year the number of tourists, served by her agency, has grown by 20%; however, slight recession in the retail sales can be observed.

The growth of sales by 80% from January till March 2013 is also noted by Manager of «Laspi» Travel Agency Elena Bazhenova. She also believes the highest rise has taken place at the Russian market. The Ukrainian market shows a little slower growth.

All experts have noted that people use Internet more and more often when planning and organizing their rest and recreation.

English translation by BSN