Ministry of Resorts recommends tourists to register before going to Crimean mountain routes

Business entities, organizing visits of tourists to the mountain and forest areas of the Crimea, must register tourist groups at search-and-rescue agencies with special safety briefing and execution of the tour schedule papers.

According to Department Manager at the Crimean Ministry of Resorts and Tourism Natalia Sheremetyeva, the uniformed procedure for visits of tourists to the mountain and forest areas, as well as the lists of the tour stops, tour routes, and massive recreation sites have been set up by the resolution of the Crimean Council of Ministers “On the ensuring of safety of tourists and excursionists, visiting the mountain and forest areas of the Crimea”.

The registration is conducted free of charge at the stations of the Mountain search-and-rescue department at the Ministry of Emergencies. In addition to that, the non-governmental Control and Rescue Service of the Crimea registers tourists at its website.

English translation by BSN


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