Crimea predicts growing number of tourists in autumn season

The Crimean Resorts and Tourism Ministry has predicted an increase in the number of tourists in September and October this year.

Crimean Resorts and Tourism Minister Oleksandr Liyev said this live on the Argument Show program on Radio Era FM.

"Crimea traditionally receives the largest number of tourists in August. This month was a peak month last year, and it will remain a peak month this year. But the increasing number of tourists, compared to last year, will be observed in September and October, when the demand for Crimean holiday resorts will grow," Liyev said.

He said that the Resorts and Tourism Ministry was conducting active work aimed at expanding the scope of the tourist season and the main focus is placed on autumn months - so-called "velvet season."

As reported, Crimea has already received more than two million tourists since the beginning of the year. Over six million tourists visited the peninsula last year.

Adapted from ukrinform