1.77 million persons recreated in the Crimea by the beginning of July

1.77 million persons have recreated in the Crimea as on July 1, exceeding the result of the similar period in 2012 by 4.1%.

Minister of Resorts and Tourism Alexander Liyev has informed that the early start of the recreation season in the region can be noted in 2013.

According to him, we can also note the rise in the number of vacationers in summer, despite the fact the Ministry does not undertakes the task of advertising the summer season. “The main task of the resort agency is to expand the range of the summer season and to restore the status of the Crimea as the health resort. We have virtually not advertised the summer, and the 4% rise in the number of tourists has not been our direct objective”, – A. Liyev has clarified.

English translation by BSN