Gudauri and Bakuriani hotels are fully booked for the New Year period

All rooms of Gudauri and Bakuriani hotel have been fully booked for the New Year period. Foreigners usually book their rooms two months before the holiday time.

As it has been informed by Marika Mankiyeva, the tourism information center manager, the last year prices at the resort will not be changed.

In particular, a room at the Bakuriani family hotel (no meals included) costs from 25 to 35 lari, and the price with the three meals a day starts from 55 and goes up to 80 lari. Room prices start from 120 lari.

The winter season in Bakuriani is supposed to start on December 15.

On December 15-25 the winter season will also start in Gudauri. According to the information from hotel owners, people book rooms for the New Year period quite actively. Room prices start from 35 lari.

Gudauri has completely renovated its roads, runoff ditches, and the sewage system for the new season. It also plans to conduct complete rehabilitation of 45 facilities.

English translation BSN
Adapted from Business Georgia