Number of tourists in Adjara increased almost by 12% this year

Tourism Agency of Adjara  reports that compared to 2012,  11.67% more tourists have arrived in Adjara this year. According to the Agency, the data was determined by hotel occupancy rate in January - August.

They say a flow of Russian visitors was particularly noticeable this year that is  60% higher than last year's figures. The number of Turkish, Azerbaijani, Polish and Ukrainian tourists has also increased. The Agency explains an increase in the flow of tourists by  right marketing campaigns.

According to them,  an online advertising campaign was introduced this year  and 30-50%  more amount is spent  on  advertising campaign compared with last year. In 2013, an advertising campaign budget reaches 2 million 600 thousand GEL, while 3 million GEL will be spent on marketing campaigns in 2014.

Adapted from Commersant