Hetman Sahaidachnyi prevents attack of small rapid vessel against civil vessel MANJIN CILD

Civil vessel MANJIN CILD addressed to the Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachnyi accomplishing the second patrolling within the Ocean Shield counter-piracy operation and informed to be followed by a small rapid vessel. The frigate crew established permanent satellite communication with this civil vessel.

Photo facebook.com/Sagaidachniy

All the frigate groups were ready to give assistance and support to the ship but a small rapid vessel stopped following and disappeared.

At that moment about 10 vessels were in the Gulf of Aden and they were informed about the situation.

“It was the first real operation of our national contingent within the counter-piracy operation in the region,” stressed Capt. 2nd Rank Roman Pyatnytskyi, Commander of Hetman Sahaydachnyi.

Adapted from mil.gov.ua


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