Jan - July Danube Delta visitor numbers at least 10 pct higher from last year

The number of Danube Delta tourists over Jan-July this year has increased by at least 10% from the same period of 2012, according to estimates relying on the number of tickets sold by the main river transport operator in the Danube Delta Reserve.

According to the management of Navrom Delta SA, in the first seven months of this year, the company issued 90,788 tickets for people traveling from the city of Tulcea to the Delta localities and back, with 21,014 of these tickets being full price. 

«There is a state subsidy only for people living in the localities of the Reserve and Tulcea locals, so that tourists must pay full price for a ticket», – the company's director Nicolae Chichi told Agerpres. 

For a comparison, Chichi said that in the same period of the previous year, Navrom Delta SA - the main local water transport company, issued 70,906 tickets, of which 18,239 were paid full price.  

«We can safely conclude that the number of tourists who visited the Danube Delta this year is at least 10% higher than last year. These calculations however do not take into account the traffic this August, which far higher than in the same month the year before, nor do they consider any other private water transport operator, the individual watercraft owners, or Delta hostels that have facilities of their own to transport their guests», – said Navrom Delta SA director Nicolae Chichi.

Adapted from AGERPRES