Turkish base Injirlik can be used in military campaign against Syria claims paper

If Western countries start a military campaign against Syria, possibly, Turkish military base Injilik will be used, "Hurriyet" newspaper reported on Monday.

According to the publication, the use of base Injirlik will be discussed in Jordan on August 30, during the meeting of senior military commanders from 11 countries.

Besides, as the newspaper reported, the day before Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held another telephone conversation with the USA Secretary of State John Kerry. During the conversation the parties came to conclusion that if Russia and China again block the decisions of UN Security Council on Syria, then the other members of UN Security Council will have to resort to other means in order to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Another escalation of the situation in Syria occurred on Wednesday, August 21, when a number of media outlets reported about the large-scale use of chemical weapons near Damascus by the Syrian Government Troops.

According to the preliminary data, over 600 people became the victims of the attack. National Coalition of Syrian Opposition claims that the number of victims could reach 1,300 people. After the incident the parties of the conflict repeatedly declared about their innocence, and accused the opponents.

The inspection is carried out on the case, during which, as it is expected, UN experts will take part. Earlier the US president declared that the use of chemical weapon will be a "red line" for Bashar Assad regime. Some Western countries have already supported intervention to Syria, and several Media outlets reported about the preparation of Navy and Air Force of these countries to begin the intervention.

Adapted from Today.az