Erdogan: Turkey ready to be part of any coalition to intervene Syria

Turkey is ready to take part in the military intervention against Syria as part of any coalition, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told media on Wednesday, TRT Haber TV channel reported.

"Turkey is ready for all possible scenarios in case of military intervention," he said.

"Turkey is carrying out all preparatory operations if the Syrian authorities strike back at the countries conducting a military operation in the country," Erdogan added.

Some Western countries as well as Turkey have already supported intervention in Syria following another escalation of the situation there. On August 21, media outlets reported a large scale deployment of chemical weapons near Damascus by Syrian Government Troops. Over 600 people were the victims of the attack.

Earlier the US president declared that the use of chemical weapon is a 'red line' for the Assad regime. Media outlets also reported preparations of the Navy and Air Force of these countries to begin intervention.

Clashes between the government forces and armed opposition have been continuing in Syria for over two years. According to UN statistics, the total number of victims of the conflict in Syria is more than 100,000 people. The Syrian authorities say they are opposed by well-armed militants.

Adapted from TODAY.AZ