Turkish Patriots detected 300 Syrian missile fires so far

Patriot air defence system deployed in Turkey's south eastern province of Kahramanmaras detected about 300 missile fires in Syria so far.

Patriot air defence system was set up in Gazi Barracks upon Turkey's demand from NATO against any potential attacks from Syria and it has been active for six months now. As well as the system, German, Dutch and Danish troops also take duty in the barracks in Kahramanmaras. Radars based in focus points of the barracks track the Syrian air space 24 hours a day.

Colonel Bernd Stockmann succeeded Colonel Marcus Ellermann as the commander of the German military unit for Patriot systems in Turkey, and began to serve on July 12.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Colonel Stockmann said the system was working perfectly and added that they were tracking the Syrian air activity by the radio detection and ranging.

"The system has been active for about six months and we have detected 300 missile fires from Syria so far. Our troops watch the air activity nonstop in front of the monitors 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All precautions are taken in the case of a ballistic missile being fired," said colonel.

He added that he would serve for six months in Kahramanmaras, Turkey.

Bernd Stockmann emphasized that they were aware of the sensitivity of their duty and noted, "Our troops work with such high motivation. We are here for friendship and brotherhood. We get well with Turkish troops too."

Adapred from Anadolu