Throughput of Odessa Commercial Sea Port down 19.4% to 11.99 mln t in Jan-July’13

In Jan-July’13, Odessa Commercial Sea Port handled 11.99 mln t of cargo (-19.4%, year-on-year), the company says. In July, it handled 1.51 mln t (down 240,000 tonnes against July 2012). 

Transshipment of dry cargo fell by 3% to 9.66 mln t, liquid bulk cargo – by 52.6% to 2.33 mln t.

Meanwhile, container throughput climbed by 23.9% to 3.63 mln t, ore transshipment was up 18.4% to 1.61 mln t, citruses and bananas – up 33.2% to 141,700 t.

The fall of liquid bulk cargo transshipment should be attributed to the shift of oil products produced in Kazakhstan to the Black Sea ports of Russia driven by the difference in railway tariffs.

Odessa Commercial Sea Port operates in one of the largest ports of the Black-Azov Sea Basin. Technical facilities of the port allow to handle more than 14 million tonnes of dry cargoes and 24 million tonnes of liquid cargoes annually. The port’s passenger terminal accepts vessels of up to 300 meters in length. In 2012, throughput of Odessa Commercial Sea Port fell by 4.3%, year-on-year, to 24.5 mln tonnes.

Adapted from portnews