Odesa portside plant boosts freight turnover 1.3 fold

Transhipment of cargos through the Odessa Portside Plant (Yuzhny seaport water area), the final link pipeline transporting Russian ammonia, amounted to 3.3 million tons in January- September 2013 - a 32 % increase over the same period last year.

Rzd-partner portal informs about this.

"The nomenclature accounted for bulk liquid chemical cargoes (export, and transit from Russia). Transit volume for the reporting period amounted to 1.8 million tonnes, with an increase of 8%. Handling of chemical goods for exports grew the most - by 1.8 fold to 1.5 million tonnes," the report says.

Recall, the Odesa Portside Plant capacities for handling bulk chemical cargoes (carbamide) is 5 million tons, liquefied ammonia - 4.3 million tonnes. The state is the owner of 100% of the company.

Adapted from Ukrinform