Yuzhny port cargo volume up 6.8% to 28.18 million tonnes in Jan-Aug, 2013

Total cargo throughput at the terminals of Ukraine’s Yuzhny Port in January-August 2013 reached 28,183,700 tonnes, or up 6.8% from the same period 2012, the company said in a press release.

Cargo shipments at the terminal of state-owned Yuzhny Merchant Sea Port totaled 13,764,.800 tonnes.
The eight-month cargo volume include ore (8,30 mln tonnes) and charcoal (1,5 mln tonnes).

The port operator handled 438 ships and 131,362 rail cars.

In August, aggregated cargo volume in Yuzhny Port reached 3,558,700 tonnes.

Port Yuzhny is located on the northwest coast of the Black Sea, in the ice-free Small Adzhalyksk (Grygoryivsky) estuary, 30 km northeast of Odessa. The port is connected to the sea by a 3km-long, 14m-deep access channel. The port’s operator is state-owned Yuzhny Merchant Sea Port. In 2012, the company handled 22.72 million tonnes of different cargo.

Adapted from portnews