Nibulon to build a grain port in Kherson region

Kherson Regional State Administration has allocated 6.4 hectares of land near Henichesk to Nibulon Company for grain terminal construction. The respective resolution says that the 6.39 ha land lot is given for the 49 year rent to Nibulon Company.

Construction of this terminal will cost up to $20 million.

Nibulon Company will commence the construction after the concordance with the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure.

According to company’s press service, projects of transshipment terminals’ construction of Nibulon Company in Kherson region were presented at the VII-th International Investment Forum “Taurica horizons: ecological investments, cooperation, and economic development”, conducted in Nova Kakhovka on September 27 – 28.

Nibulon General Manager Alexey Vadatursky has noted that construction of a transshipment terminal in the city of Henichesk would start the development of a new area for the company - sea transportation and marine infrastructure in Ukraine.

In addition to that it will give an impetus to the revival of navigation by the rivers of Kaspiy, Don, Volga, and others, creating a navigation chain between Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, with direct access to Kazakhstan, Iran, and other countries. This will be also promoted by the construction of company’s own vessels at the acquired ship-building and ship-repairing facility. Today the renovation of this lost element of the logistic chain is extremely important for Ukraine and its neighbors and strategic partners.

Besides, due to implementation of this project, agricultural commodity producers of this region will be able to get additional profits owing to reduction of logistics costs. In several years more than 100 000 freight trucks will be removed from Kherson roads. This will ensure a considerable traffic relief and a significant economic effect, since water transportation of cargos is currently one of the cheapest.