Shell fired from Syria lands in Turkish border town

A Syrian artillery shell believed to have been fired from the Raqqa city of Syria landed in the buffer zone at the Turkish-Syrian border on October 7.

Forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad fired several artillery shells on Tel Abyad town currently under the control of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Sunday.

One of the artillery shells landed near a storage facility of the Turkish Office of Soil Products (TMO). While there were no immediate reports of any casualties, the Syrian artillery shell caused damages on the storage facility.

Mayor of the south-eastern town of Akcakale, Abdulhakim Ayhan said that artillery shells were fired in Tel Abyad since morning on Sunday and that one of the shells landed in the buffer zone between Turkey and Syria.

«Thank God, there were no loss of lives on Sunday. Turkish troops retaliated against Syria by firing several artillery shells on to Syria,» Mayor Ayhan also said.

Adapted from Worldbulletin