Almost 95 percent of Azerbaijan’s export consists of oil and gas production

Azerbaijan exported around $21.5 billion worth of oil and oil products in Jan.-Sep. 2013, according to the balance of payments published by the country's Central Bank.

Oil and gas products accounted for 94.7 percent of exported goods.

Around $1.2 billion of the total volume of exported oil products was oil processing products. The country exported about $20.3 billion worth of oil.

Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) produced around $19.1 billion worth of the total volume of the exported oil. Other entrepreneurs exported around $1.2 billion worth of oil and some $120.8 million fell to the condensate from the Shah Deniz field and over $1.01 million came from the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).

The total cost of the exported products from the oil sector increased by 13.1 percent in a year and amounted to over $1.26 billion.

In total, the export from Azerbaijan during the reported period amounted to over $23.8 billion compared to $24.6 billion in Jan.-Sep. 2012.

Adapted from TODAY.AZ