SOCAR Petrolium Georgia stopped importing oil products from Azerbaijan to Georgia

”SOCAR Petrolium Georgia” CEO Mahir Mammadov made ​​a surprise announcement that the company has not been importing oil products from Azerbaijan and buys them from the company  “Rompetrol" that is also working in Georgia and imports fuel from Romania.

According to him, this is due to the fact that in recent years Azerbaijan has no resources for export, since fuel produced in Azerbaijan is consumed in the country itself.

Mammadov states that in 2013 SOCAR Petrolium Georgia acquired about 90 000 tons of gasoline from "Rompetrol" .

According to, for the first time after Azerbaijan gained  independence it has stopped exporting oil products, which was carried out mainly in Georgia.

Currently Romanian standard Euro-5 and Euro-6 is imported in Georgia instead of Azerbaijani fuel compliant with Euro-2.

Adapted from Commersant