Moldovan wines are in high demand in Czechia

Among the European Union countries, the Moldovan wines are mostly demanded in the Czech Republic, where the country exported over 4.5 million liters of wine in the first seven months of 2013.   

According to sources in the Moldo-American Lion Gri Company, which has opened a Trade House in Prague, the wine supplies to the Czech Republic have increased by 200% this year.  

“The most popular are ordinary young dry wines, as well as vintage wines that are placed in the mid-range price segment,” said a source in the company.  

Speaking about the exports of Moldovan wines to other countries of the European Union, the representative of the Lion Gri company said that Romania ranks second after the Czech Republic. He added that in January-July 2013, Moldova exported to Romania over 3 million liters of wines, which is slightly more than against the equivalent period of 2012.    

“This year, the exports to Poland, where the Lion Gri company has also opened a Trade House, have slightly dropped,” said the deputy president of the company, Nelly Sonic, explaining this by the wine supplies to the free economic zone in Monaco, wherefrom not all the production is delivered to Poland.

Dossier: In January-July 2013, Moldova exported to Poland 2.76 million liters of wine (bottled and bulk wines). Over this period, Moldova shipped to the Russian Federation 23 million liters of wines, which is 0.5 million liters more than against the equivalent period of 2012 and 26 million liters to Belarus.   

As already reported by Infotag, on September 11, Russia imposed an import ban on Moldovan wines and spirits citing health concerns. Nevertheless, critics say that the wine embargo is designed to stop the ex-Soviet republic’s EU aspirations. Until the introduction of this ban, Moldova was exporting to Russia 28% of its wines, which represents 3% of the value of its total exports. According to Moldovan Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Vasile Bumacov, after losing the access to the Russian sales market, Moldova may incur damages of about US$46-50 million.    

Yet, Russian importers and dealer companies, who are closely working with the Moldovan companies, think that Moscow may well lift the import restrictions for Moldovan alcoholic beverages, after November 7. 

Adapted from Infotag