Prime Leanca calls on moldovans in Italy to advocate Moldovan wine

Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca has called upon compatriots living or temporarily staying in Italy to consume more and popularize Moldovan wine.

This past weekend, Premier Leanca visited Italy, where he held a number of meetings, and stated in particular, that he certainly has nothing against Italian wines renowned fore their excellent quality, «but at the present time it would be more patriotic to drink Moldovan wines and to treat them to Italians».

For several hours on end, the prime minister conversed with the representatives of the Moldovan diaspora in Verona – about his Government’s achievements and problems it is coming across, about domestic policy, creation of jobs, struggle against corruption and everything having a relation to Moldova’s Euro-integration.

«The Government is doing all it can to let our citizens feel the results of reforms. For instance, the education reform is aimed at preparing qualified specialists in specific spheres because we have revealed that our economy has highly-paid jobs. For instance, in the textile industry and in road repairs salaries range between 4-6 thousand lei (US$310-US$470) a month, but there are no qualified specialists», – stated the head of government.

In Italy, Premier Leanca attended a forum dedicated to mobilizing investment into the Moldovan economy. The forum was held in Venice on Sunday and gathered the representatives of over 50 Italian companies, of the Government of Italy and the Moldovan diaspora.

Leanca said at the forum that his Government has approved a Road Map of actions aimed at eliminating barriers hampering the development of a favorable business climate in the republic. The Road Map includes nearly 90 legislative initiatives and regulatory measures to improve the situation in this sphere.

He said also that two agreements on road construction and repair were signed recently with the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The works will begin in 2014.

«These structures will ensure a growth of investment in our road infrastructure, and this will be an extra impulse for improving the competitiveness of our economy. Moldova has become a big road construction site and a ground for consolidating ties in the energy sphere thus building a politically less vulnerable energy system. We are going to have free economic relations with the East, and starting from the next year – with the European Union. Thus, investing in Moldova, you will have a possibility to export both to the East and to the West. We are waiting for you in Moldova. I am promising you my personal support and the help of my colleagues in the Government», – said Prime Minister Leanca.

He stressed that the Moldovan Government is going to sign with the European Union the Association Agreement, the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) and an agreement on visa facilitation in 2014 i.e. in the period of the current mandate of the European Commission and European Parliament.

Adapted from Infotag