Moldovan, German officials address cooperation, assistance, investments

Parliament Speaker Igor Corman 17 September met the head of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, Rainer Lindner, the parliament’s communication and media relations department has reported.

Attending the event also was German Ambassador to Moldova Matthias Meyer.

The officials discussed the consolidation of the Moldovan-German economic ties, attraction of German investments to Moldova’s economy, modernisation reforms initiated by the Moldovan authorities in the context of Moldova’s European integration.

Corman thanked Rainer Lindner for the constant support provided to Moldova during years, including in backing the small- and medium-sized enterprises, missions of businesspeople, as well as projects on participation of Moldovan producers in various exhibitions and economic forums in Germany.

«An essential objective is the attraction of German investments into Moldova’s economy. This important thing for us would bring not only jobs, but, first of all, it would bring a new culture and modern technologies from Germany. We have already successful examples in this respect in Moldova», – Corman said. He welcomed a decision of a German company to build a factory in the central Straseni town starting from 2014.

The officials also approached the facilitation of Moldovan producers’ access to the European market, the German market, respectively. They broached the current situation of the Moldovan winemakers and fruit and vegetables producers, speaking out for indentifying projects on promoting Moldovan products on the alternative markets as well. Corman stressed that the Moldovan authorities counted on the European partners’ support and solidarity.

Corman specified that, presently, the decision-makers held talks with the EU structures in order to increase the wines’ quota on the European market and identify projects facilitating Moldovan producers’ access to the European market. He said that it was important to diversify the western market, yet without losing the access to the eastern market too.

Lindner said that representatives of the German business environment declared for the liberalisation of the visa regime with the EU for Moldovans, backing Moldova’s EU integration efforts, including at the economic and trade levels. «It is important that Moldova be actively integrated in the European structures, especially via projects for Moldovan farmers, as Moldova is a good market for investments», – Lindner said.

The German representative voiced hope that the association agreement with the EU would be initialled at the Vilnius Summit, which would include the creation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. Rainer Lindner underlined that this would represent a new phase for Moldova. He also said that the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations of Germany would support Moldovan winemakers to participate in a prestigious wine exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Adapted from Moldpres