National Vine and Wine Bureau created in Moldova

The Moldovan Government decided once again to create the Vine and Wine Bureau that will promote the state policy in the field of wine-making.

Moldovan Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Vasile Bumacov said on Wednesday at the Government’s meeting that the Bureau will be a public institution under the subordination of the MoA and will be dealing with the promotion of Moldovan wines on internal and external markets.    

The National Vine and Wine Bureau will establish rules and will administrate the national wine brands, will put forth proposals on the improvement of the national legislation in the field of wine-making, will carry out researches and analyses in the field of wine-making in and wine-growing, will prepare specialists in this sector and will control the production potential and the vineyards felling.

The new institution will be headed by a director elected on a contest basis and confirmed in office by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry.   

“The creation of the Bureau is needed for promoting the Moldovan wines on new markets, especially in the context of the latest events [on Tuesday, Russia announced a ban on imports of Moldovan wines and spirits, saying they contained impurities],” said Leanca.

Also on Wednesday, the Government set up the Wine and Vine Fund, meant to finance the set of measures that will be undertaken for the development of this sector. The Fund will be created through a matched funding on the behalf of the Government and the private sector. At least 80% of the fund will be used for meeting the needs of the national wine-making sector, whereas the rest 20% - for financing the activities of the Vine and Wine Bureau.

Dossier: Until 2009, an agri-industrial agency ‘Moldova-Vin’ was functioning in Moldova and was dealing with the same issues. Yet, the agency was liquidated when the Alliance for European Integration came to power in Moldova. Two years later, the authorities reconsidered this problem and decided to create the National Wine and Vine Agency, which has never started working. Discussions on the creation of the Wine and Vine Bureau have been held since 2012. 

Adapted from infotag