State Expertise approval of Taman port’s dry cargo district expected in mid October’13

State Expertise approval of the project on creation of the dry cargo district in Taman port is to be obtained in the middle of October, 2013, IAA PortNews journalist cites Director General of RMP Taman LLC Igor Rusu as saying at the off-site meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association of Commercial Sea Ports in Anapa.

Taman port’s dry cargo district is to be built in the westernmost part of the Krasnodar Territory at the Tuzla Cape. Its design capacity is 93.8 mln t (containers, coal, grain, raw iron ore and concentrate, mineral fertilizers).

There is a plan to build a port with a protected water area at the existing and reclaimed territories.

The following project designs on federally owned facilities  have been elaborated by now: approach canal, port’s water area (depth – 19.4 m to handle vessels with the capacity of up to 180,000 t), wave protection facilities, hydraulic engineering structures, berths, port infrastructure for operation of state services and organization, external ground infrastructure (36-km long highway of 2nd category to link the construction site with the М25 highway and 32-km long railway to link the port with the existing railway station Vyshesteblievskaya). Besides, port station has been also designed.

Rusu noted that railway will carry 79 mln t per year, the rest will be carried by motor transport. Besides, there are provisions for handling river vessels with accumulation of shipload at shore depot for further shipment by sea going vessels. 
The project also envisages the construction of the engineering infrastructure: energy/water/gas supply systems as well as communication.

Designing of the port checkpoint will commence in 2014. 

According to the August order of RF President Vladimir Putin, the project on the construction of a dry cargo district in port Taman should be completed in 2020.  Under the draft schedule, the port is to be put into operation in the second half of 2017.