A facilitated frontier crossing regime will be introduced for Transnistrian citizens

A facilitated frontier crossing regime will be introduced for Transnistrian citizens. This issue was discussed on tuesday at a meeting held by the president of the breakaway republic with the leadership of the region’s customs committee and the committee for state security.   

This is the third meeting focused on the regime of crossing of the Transnistrian border, during summertime. The participants in the meeting spoke about the huge queues at the border with Ukraine. Taking into account these problems, the president ruled that the “international border-crossing points be modernized, in order to increase their passenger traffic capacity.” 

The chairperson of the Transnistrian customs committee, Gennady Kuzimichev said that engineering works for enhancing the technological schemes, in particular at the ‘Pervomaisk’ border checkpoint “have been practically completed.”   

“In the nearest future we will install there special modern equipment for the quick scanning of passports ad will change the transit corridors depending on the citizenship of passengers and on the flows of cargo. The main goal of this upgrading is to provide the entire range of services for our citizens, who are crossing the Transnistrian border, to ensure the quick freight traffic flow and to avoid the redoubling of functional responsibilities performed by the migration service, border service and customs control,” he said.  

The participants in the meeting highlighted that the situation at the Transnistrian state border is stable and that Transnistrian residents and foreign citizens are not facing difficulties while crossing it.”

Adapted from www.infotag.md