OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopts resolution on Transnistrian conflict settlement process

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has adopted a resolution on the Transnistrian conflict settlement process.

The document was approved at the yearly meeting held in Istanbul on 29 July – 3 July. Participating in the event was also a Moldovan parliamentary delegation made up of MPs Simion Furdui, Stella Jantuan and Vasilii Sova, the parliament’s communication and public relations department has said.

The resolution ascertains that the existence of an unsettled conflict in Moldova’s Transnistrian region continues to be a serious threat to the security and stability in Europe and the OSCE region, and a peaceful solution to the Transnistrian conflict may be identified through the five-plus-two negotiating process.

Under the document, the main goal in the Transnistrian conflict settlement is the identification of a special juridical status for the Transnistrian region as part of Moldova, strengthening and ensuring the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders.

“The consolidation of trust between the two banks of the Dniestre, ensuring of a lasting social and economic growth in the region, as well as the further development of the civil society institutions and the protection of the state based on the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, in line with the norms and principles of the international law, represent the key components for conflict settlement,” the resolution says.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly encourages all the political forces from both banks of the Dniestre to constructively contribute to the Transnistrian conflict settlement and invites all the participants in the five-plus-two negotiating process to cooperate and boost their efforts in the advancement of the talks. At the same time, the OSCE PA expresses concern about the recent incidents in the Security Zone and urges the sides to abstain from unilateral measures likely to lead to the worsening of the situation in the security zone.

It is worth mentioning that, on 21 June 2013, the Moldovan parliament also passed a statement on the present situation of the Transnistrian conflict settlement process.

Adapted from MOLDPRES