Farvater Myru 2013: Active Phase launched

The military Ukrainian-Russian Naval Exercises Farvater Myru 2013 started its first active phase. 

These exercises are aimed to develop single views concerning counter-piracy operations, work out joint actions of ships crews and aviation of both fleets, SAR operations, and so on.

About 15 ships and vessels, aircrafts of both fleets participate in the exercise, will execute the artillery firing at surface and air targets, deep bombing, shooting floating mines.

The Ukrainian Navy is represented by Khmelnitskyi Corvette, Cherkassy Minesweeper, Socal Sanitary Cutter, 2 Willard boats, 1 An-26 aircraft, 1 Mi-14 helicopter and 15 combat divers.

According to rotation principle, Vice Admiral Oleksander Vitko, Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, will head this year exercises.


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