Amount of Taman Port construction costs adjusted

76 billion rubles from the Federal Budget will be spent for construction of objects at Taman Port. Taking into account private investments, the total of 228 billion rubles will be spent for this construction.

The Government resolution “On amendments to the sub-program “Development of transport service exports” of the Federal target program “Russian transport system development (2010-2020)” was published on June 14 at the website of the Council of Ministers.

The first scheduled works will include the construction of the federal ownership objects with the use of public-private partnership tools. The budget funds will be spent for construction of sea service facilities, a railway station, an automobile road, and an interchange. Total amount of federal objects’ construction costs will be 115.5 billion rubles.

The cost of the private investor facilities will be 112.54 billion rubles. They will include the facilities for transshipment of coal, grains, iron-ore concentrate, fertilizers, sulfur, steel, containers, and other cargoes.

Completion of the construction is scheduled for 2020.

English translation by BSN


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