Sevastopol: Meeting of the planning group of BLACKSEAFOR Cooperation Task Group

According to the decision of the Black Sea Navy Committee of Commanders held on 16-18 May, 2013, the BLACKSEAFOR cooperation task group transfers the commanding responsibilities to the Ukrainian Navy on the rotation principle, in August within the 2013-2014 Activation.

According to the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the briefing on the composition of the forces that will participate in the August activation of BLASKSEAFOR will be held during working sessions. The event, which runs until June 14, is organized in accordance with the List of military cooperation activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in May-June 2013, and by the order of the Chief of Staff – First Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Navy.

Reference. The main objectives of this BLASKSEAFOR are to conduct search and rescue, humanitarian, mine operations and protect the environment.