Blackseafor naval group arrives in Constanta port

The Blackseafor naval group will make a stop for four days in the Constanta Port (southeastern Romania, the Black Sea shore).

According to the spokesperson of the Fleet Command, Captain Commander Ion Burghisan, the ships which are part of the Blackseafor group will arrive in Romania on April 12, and they will dock in the Constanta military port until April 15.

During the four days of stationary in the port, the crew will pay official visits to the Fleet Command and the local public authorities and it will visit the main sights of the city.

The maritime dredger «Lieutenant Remus Lepri» will participate, in Romania's territorial waters, along with the Blackseafor ships, in a convoy driving exercises in a passageway free of mines.

While in the port, there will also be carried out a simulation exercise, at the Training, Simulation and Evaluation Centre (CISE) of the Naval Forces, with representatives of each ship's command to participate.

On Friday, April 12, starting 1:00 am, on board of the group's commander ship, TCG Heybeliada (Turkey), there will take places a press conference supported by the commander of the 12th activation of the group.

During the stationary in Constanta, the six ships will be opened for visitors among the civil population too.

One of the objectives of the Romanian Naval Forces is to contribute to regional stability, by strengthening peace, stability and development of cooperation relations in the Black Sea region. In this respect, the Romanian Naval Forces will participate in the Blackseafor Naval Group, according to the Blackseafor Agreement, signed on April 2, 2001, in Istanbul.

Blackseafor is a naval force consisting of naval elements (frigates, destroyers, corvettes, patrol vessels, dredgers, amphibious ships and auxiliary vessels) of all Nations of the Black Sea. Periodically, under the Blackseafor, there are activated the vessels in the group that performs search and rescue operations (SAR), humanitarian assistance operations (HA), mine countermeasures (MCM), environmental protection, friendship visits and others, jointly agreed by all parties.

Adapted from Agerpres