Unionists march in Bucharest for Moldova’s unification with Romania

Unionists (adherents to the idea of Unirea – Moldova’s unification with Romania) held in Bucharest on October 21 a Unirea march in favor of the Republic of Moldova’s unification with Romania. They demanded from the Romanian political class to declare the Unirea idea as Romania’s national priority.

As Infotag was told by march organizers from the Civil Platform «Actiunea 2012», about 3 thousand people dressed in blue, red and yellow jackets (the colors of the Moldovan and Romanian tricolors) marched in a column in the form of a live tricolor along Bucharest streets with streamers reading «Bessarabia is Romania», «Bessarabia is the Romanian land», and with numerous Romanian national flags.

As Romania is preparing for a parliamentary election, the marchers prepared for parliamentary candidates a resolution called a Pact for Bessarabia (Bessarabia is the present-day mainland Republic of Moldova – without the Transnistrian region) and requested the candidates running for the Romanian Parliament to sign it.

Among the demands formulated in the resolution were: to simplify the procedure of granting the Romanian citizenship to «Romanians living behind the Prut River»; to cancel the requirement that Moldova citizens entering Romania must necessarily have a minimum €500 cash deposit on hands; to found a department on Moldova’s unification.

The demonstrators demanded also that the budget of the governmental Department for Overseas Romanians be equal to the financing which the Romanian Government provides for national minorities, and that a Romanian television company be opened in Chisinau.

Adapted from Infotag