Romania puts off gas pipeline construction beginning by three months

Romania is ready to an announce an international tender in March so that to start the construction of the Ungheni-Iasi gas pipeline already in May 2013, the State Adviser to the Romanian Prime Minister’s Office, Mihnea Constantinescu, told during his meeting with Moldovan Prime Minister Vladimir Filat held on January 28 night.    

According to the Moldovan governmental press service, Constantinescu stated that funding, planning and logistical provision are all available for carrying out the project, and that the Romanian side will shortly send the Moldovan side a letter that will contain confirmation of the financing of the project in the Republic of Moldova territory.     

Premier Filat promised that the proposed timeframe for completing the Ungheni-Iasi gas pipeline construction shall be observed.  

«Our objective is to complete the building of this inter-state pipeline by the end of 2013. The Republic of Moldova has already carried out necessary works in accordance with the commitments stipulated in the Joint Declaration on Energy signed on July 17, 2012», said Filat.   

The Moldovan Prime Minister confirmed that diversification of energy sources is a priority for the republic, and that «the current situation is indicating that the European market is the only way to achieve Moldova’s energy security».   

Premier Filat said that he is looking forward to meeting his Romanian colleague Victor Ponta soon to discuss energy cooperation between the two countries.   

Adapted from Infotag