Romanian Government to increase number of scholarships for Moldovan students

The Romanian Government will increase the number of scholarships for Moldovan students, said visiting President Traian Basescu at a news conference July 17.   

He said that: “Following this good tradition of offering scholarships for the Moldovan youths, the Romanian Government will continue to annually increase the number of free-of-charge study places, so that all those who want to continue their studies in Romania, be given this chance.”   

In his words, in 2014-2015, Romania will offer 6 thousand scholarships for Moldovan students and school-graduates and will organize a summer camp for pupils.   

Infotag’s dossier: This year, the Romanian Government allotted 5.5 thousand scholarships for Moldovan students, against 5 thousand scholarships offered in 2012.  

Adapted from Infotag