DefMin Dusa: Romania, Moldova will sign bilateral military cooperation agreement late this November

Romania's Defence Minister Mircea Dusa on Friday welcomed visiting Moldova's Defence Minister Vitalie Marinuta. Underscored at the meeting was the need to preserve a high level of bilateral cooperation between the two defence ministries and that a bilateral military cooperation agreement, as well as agreements in the areas of education and classified intelligence will be signed late this November.

The Romanian Defence Ministry reports in a press release that the document is seen by Dusa as 'an important step forward toward the development of bilateral relations.'

'We hope to sign a bilateral military cooperation agreement by the end of November as well as in the areas of education and classified intelligence. By signing these documents, new perspectives will open up for cooperation between Romania and Moldovan troops,' Dusa is quoted as saying.

At the meeting, Dusa also reiterated Romania's support to Moldova's European bid and the restructuring of its military doctrine and defence planning.

In its turn, Marinuta thanked the Romanian Armed Forces for their constant support to the reorganisation and modernisation of the Moldovan Armed Forces. Agerpres.

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