Actiunea 2012 organizes winter school in Bucharest for Unirea partisans

Civil Platform “Actiunea 2012”, uniting a number of Moldovan and Romanian non-governmental organizations supporting the idea of unification [Unirea] of the two countries, is organizing in Bucharest on January 24-26 a “winter school of Romanian culture and identity” for youth from Moldova.

This will be the 7th such school for those who support the idea of “national reintegration”, organizers are saying. They will select 50 participants – maximum 2 representatives from each raion [district] of the Republic of Moldova.

The school project is aimed at training, stimulating and building up the potential of the “Romanian youth from Moldova” by means of presenting the model of the Romanian identity, lectures in Romanian history, folklore, culture and management for personal and professional development, including “applied activities”.

Actiunea 2012 has promised to organize two more such schools – in February and March for Moldovan journalists, bloggers and teachers in Romanian history, language and literature.

Platform co-chairman Mihai Nicolae called upon local youth, “If you feel a Romanian and believe that your participation will help romanianize Bessarabia [the present-day mainland Republic of Moldova – without the Transnistrian region], then submit an application and come to Romania to exchange experience and establish contacts with genuine Romanians”.

Actiunea 2012 undertakes all school expenditures, and is promising not solely diplomas to winter students but also “pleasant surprises”. Details are available on

As already reported by Infotag, in 2012, the Civil Platform organized several marches in support of the Unirea. In Cahul and Balti, however, such marches were resolutely dispersed by Moldovan independence advocates, and in Chisinau the enterprise remained practically unnoticed by broad public.

Unirea moods in Moldova are enthusiastically supported by Romanian President Traian Basescu. At the end of 2013, he called unification with the Republic of Moldova Romania’s third national-importance project. As the first two such global projects (accession to the European Union and to NATO) have already been in place, many in Moldova are making a conclusion that the unirea is Nr. 1 national project left for Romania to realize.

Adapted from Infotag