Romania provides 300,000 euros for increasing Moldovan agro-food products quality

The government of Romania provided 300,000 euros for increasing the quality of the Moldovan agro-food products and their adjustment to the standards of the European Union. A project was completed in this respect in Chisinau on January 17.

Romanian Ambassador to Moldova, Marius Lazurca emphasized at a meeting of the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry that the project started at the end of 2010.

This activity is part of the range of activities by which Romania supports Moldova on its path to join the European Union, Lazurca said. As many as 250,000 of those 300,000 euros were allotted for education, where as other 50,000 were designed for purchasing IT equipment by the Moldovan side.

Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Vasile Bumacov underlined that it was made the animal census in Moldova with the money provided by the Romanian side. At the same time, recently it was created the Agency for Food Products Security in Chisinau.

Bumacov provided for a concrete date when the Moldovan agro-food products might attain the quality of the European ones. At the same time, Bumacov said that in order to reach the level of the EU's standards, the products have to include on the package information regarding «the field they were harvested or the farm they were produced, what food was provided to animals, which was the processing technology, etc.».

Bumacov said that the first steps towards the adjustment of the sector to the European standards were taken, so that Moldova exports apples to the EU. Presently we are negotiating with the authorities the export of eggs and poultry produced in Moldova to the European markets, Bumacov said.

Adapted from Moldpres