Poti City Hall specially for BSNews / Delegation from the city of Osthammar, Sweden visited the City Hall of Poti / PHOTO

11:10 20.04.2012

Nine-person delegation from the city of Osthammar, Sweden visited to the city of Poti for a week-long working visit. The guests from Osthammar, sister city of Poti, talked about the working plans and future plans during the meeting with Mr.Vakhtang Lemonjava, mayor of Poti. In frames of this visit the delegation of Sweden has donated the expensive fire-truck and technical equipments to the Fire&Rescue Service of self-Governing Poti City Hall.

The head of Foreign Relations of Osthammar Municipality Mr. Stefan Edelsvard explained that they continue cooperation with Fire&Rescue Service of Poti and at this time during one week they will conduct the special training courses for firemen.

“We also plan to start another project connected with pre-school education institutions and schools. At the moment we are studying the situation and hope we will cooperate in this regard as successfully as with Fire&Rescue Service”.

The mayor of Poti Mr. Vakhtang Lemonjava talked about the cooperation and future planes between the sister municipalities. The mayor noted that in the nearest future it is planned to work on various projects. “ This deals with the rehabilitation of pre-school educational institutions, students’ exchange programs, they will cooperate with our teachers in this direction”. The mayor added also that they talked about establishment of Swedish Educational House in Poti, on which the members of delegation expressed their consent. During one week the guests will cooperate with Fire&Rescue Service and schools and to the end of the visit they will discuss future cooperation plans together with the city leadership.

Poti City Hall specially for BSNews

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