Russian business sees benefits from Ukraine's association with EU

The signing by Ukraine of an Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union is beneficial for Russian business, Management Board Chairman at Russia's Bioenergia Corporation David Yakobashvili has said, according to the Kommersant Dengi newspaper.

"From the point of view of the business it is very profitable that Ukraine is present in the European Community. This will give our business certain priorities and opportunities in Europe. And many Russian businessmen who work in Ukraine, of course, will welcome its integration with the EU," he said.

According to Yakobashvili, after the signing by Ukraine of the Association Agreement with the EU, new market outlets, access to European finances, European lending rates, European legal environment will emerge, including for Russian business.

At the same time, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Odintsovo Confectionery Plant, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ankor Bank Andrey Korkunov see the positive for their business from the European integration of Ukraine somewhat differently.

"We will introduce customs, duties, excise taxes, we will be fighting for the Russian market," he said.

As reported, the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union is scheduled during the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius on November 28-29.

Adapted from Ukrinform