Five new industrial residents to invest in northern Moldova FEZ

The Economics Ministry selected five new residents of the Balti Free Economic Zone (FEZ), of which four companies with Italian capital and one Romanian company, following a recently held tender, the Economics Ministry’s communication and media relations department has reported.

Thus, the Foreign-Capital Enterprise (FCE) I Plast TM will produce recyclable plastic pallet boxes, Ceccato Production FCE – automatic car wash equipment, Eastsord production FCE - medical instruments sterilising equipment and LMF Climatization FCE will produce air treatment equipment.

The fifth resident, the Bipmobile FCE (100 per cent Romanian capital), is set to provide shipment, transport and logistics services and will work in all ZEL Balti sub-zones.

The overall investments presented within the tender for selecting residents will be no less than 8 million euros. The planned annual sales will exceed 350 million lei. Most production will be meant for export to the EU and Commonwealth of Independent States member countries.

In the first phase, 120 new jobs are scheduled to be created, with an average salary of about 6,500 lei.

All the planned industrial facilities will be launched in the first half of 2014.

Adapted from MOLDPRES