Second private industrial park to be created in Moldova

The second private industrial park will be created on the basis of the CANN in Straseni.

Government has already taken a decision on June 26.

According to the Ministry of Economy, investments of about 27 million euros, of which over 50% will be used for the restoration of buildings that will be leased out to the residents, are to be attracted to the industrial park.   

According to the feasibility study, as many as 800 jobs will be created there. This will ensure annual assignments to the state budget of about 40 million lei, to the medical insurance budget – of 1 million lei and to the social security budget – of 3 million lei.   

Initially, the area of the industrial park will make 11.6 hectares. Subsequently, it will be enlarged up to 28 hectares. The entire territory is owned by the local authorities. As per the decision of the local council, 11.5 hectares have already been transmitted to the CAAN for a period of 30 years.   

The investment plan will be carried out in two stages. In the first stage, an industrial refrigerating plant with a capacity of 15 thousand tons and a packing hall for fruit and vegetable production will be created. During the second stage, the authorities are going to double the areas of industrial refrigerating plant and to complete the restoration of real estate assets.

The residents of this industrial park will be able to carry out a wide range of activities: starting with the production of metal ware and ending up with the preservation and packing of goods. Special emphasis will be laid on the implementation of new technologies.

The Ministry of Economy is confident that the creation of this industrial park will positively tell on the country’s economic development and will increase the level of region’s industrialization.   

Infotag’s dossier: There are three industrial parks in Moldova – Tracom, Cimislia and Bioenergagro. At present, projects on the creation of other industrial parks in Cantemir, Edinet, Cainari, Ocnita and Ialoveni, have been launched.

Adapted from Infotag