Varna locals rаlly against Russian-sponsored pipeline

Residents of Bulgaria's Black Sea city of Varna staged Sunday a new protest rally against the joint Russian-Bulgarian South Stream natural gas pipeline project.

Though small in numbers, locals from the "Rakitnika" and "Priboy" sites near Varna have been relentless in opposing the project, particularly the construction of a reception terminal and compressor station near their homes.

There are about 1 000 houses located in the two areas, and half of them are occupied permanently.

The houses are just 2 km away from the pipeline and will be directly affected by it. Locals worry about the environmental impact, as the construction is close to the water reservoir, and about loud noise.

The project for building the new facilities has been approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Waters, but the protesters plan to challenge the environmental impact assessment, which became ground for giving the green light.

Adapted from Novinite