Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti visiting Kiev

On Friday, Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti left for a 2-day visit to Kiev on the invitation of Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovitch.   

There, Timofti will take part in a broad program of celebration of the 1025th anniversary of the christening of Kievan Russia, and will hold a meeting with President Victor Yanukovitch.    

The remarkable event has gathered in the Ukrainian capital the Presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin and of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic, the heads of nine and high representatives of six Local Orthodox Churches, including the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia His Holiness Kirill and the Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova, Vladimir.   

The anniversary celebration program includes various exhibitions, a massive public player on the bank of the Dnepr River.    

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, the Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova Vladimir, and the Hierarchs of Local Orthodox Churches will welcome a reliquary with the relics of Vladimir, the Baptizer of Russia. The reliquary was delivered to Kiev on hands by Orthodox worshippers from Vladivostok, a city on the pacific coast of Russia.    

Adapted from Infotag