Moldova doubles consumption of Ukrainian electricity

As of early August 2013, Ukraine supplied to Moldova 1.059 billion kW/hour of electric power, which is 2.2-fold more than against the equivalent period of 2012.   

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, Ukraine increased by 10.9%, up to 5.898 billion kW/h, the export of electric energy.    

Moldova is among the leading consumers of Ukrainian power energy, being surpassed only by Hungary and Belarus.    

According to the Ukrainian Customs Service, in the first seven months Ukraine supplied to the Republic of Moldova electric energy worth US$101.3 million.

Starting from April 1, 2012, the Ukrainian company TDEK VostokEnergo, which signed an annual contract with Gas Natural Fenosa – Moldova, has been supplying electric power to Moldova. The electric power rate has been preserved at the level of the 2012 year – 6.9 US cents per 1 kW/h.    

Moldova produces only 20-25% of the consumed electric energy. The leading power supplier is the Moldavskaya GRES, which belongs to the Russian company Joint Stock Company Inter RAO UES and is located in Transnistria. The import from the Moldavskaya GRES covers only a half of Moldova’s power energy demands, the rest being supplied by the DTEK VostokEnergo.  

Dossier: The DTEK Vostokenergo comprises three thermal power plants: Zuyevska, Kurakhovska (both in Donetsk Region) and Luganska (Lugansk Region). Its installed capacity is 4,157 MW. Following the successful modernization of its equipment, the installed capacity increased 32 MW in 2009 and 40 MW in 2010. The leading private energy company of Ukraine is headed by well-known businessman Rinat Akhmetov.