Catrine Ashton welkomes Moldova’s progress on european integration path

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission Catherine Ashton has praised the headway made by the Republic of Moldova in the European integration field. 

At a news conference held on Tuesday in Chisinau, she reiterated the support of the European Commission for the reforms promoted in the country, noting that the European Union will further assist Moldova on its EU integration path.     

“The European Union welcomes the efforts of the Moldovan Government, which is working for a better future for its citizens. We are supporting you on this reformation path, in order to offer a prosperous future to your citizens. We saw Moldova’s progress in the negotiations on the Association Agreement between the RM and the EU, on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, on the Agreement on the Liberalization of the Visa Regime, as well as in many other fields,” she said, adding that Moldova should preserve strong and stable relations with the European Union.     

In her words, the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius will become another step for consolidating the relations between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova.   

“We would like that the Association Agreement be a strong document and we hope that you will be confident in your relations with the European Union. That is why we are quite demanding when it comes to political or economic reforms,” said Catherine Ashton, noting that the Republic of Moldova stands good changes to initial this agreement in autumn 2013.   

For his part, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca said that he discussed with High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy the action plan on preparing for initialing the Association Agreement and for subsequently signing it in the course of the 2014 year.  

“Our main goal is to put in practice, within the shortest possible time, the provisions of this agreement,” said the Moldovan Prime Minister.  

He also noted that they had discussed the cancellation of the visa regime for Moldovan citizens, travelling to the European Union.   

“We will spare no efforts so as at the upcoming Eastern Partnership summit due in Vilnius, the EU be able to recommend the member states the possibility of lifting the visa regime for Moldovan citizens,” the premier stressed.    

As for the Transnistrian conflict, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca confirmed that the European Union plays a crucial role in the settlement process.    

For his part, at the meeting with high-ranking European official, Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti expressed Moldova’s firm intention to successfully pass the period ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius. 

“We bear strong responsibility towards our citizens, who want to become members of the European family and we must start a closer cooperation with the European community. In this respect, the conclusion of the Association Agreement with the EU at the Eastern Partnership Summit due in Vilnius will be an encouraging sign for the Moldovan people,” said President Nicolae Timofti. 

In her turn, Catherine Ashton said that her visit to Chisinau shows the strong commitment of the European Union to step up its relations with Moldova. 

“Moldova’s integration into the European Union is a real prospect for Moldova and we are already thinking of the joint actions that we will undertake after the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius,” said High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. 

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