Moldova-EU association agreement likely to be signed by late August 2014

The Moldova-EU association agreement could be signed by late August 2014. The leader of the Democratic Party, Marian Lupu, made the statement during a TV talk show on 4 November.

Lupu said that Moldova had no debts for the Vilnius summit and the association agreement with the EU had to be initialed. “After the Vilnius event, the authorities will work out an agenda of activities and will set priorities before signing the Moldova-EU association agreement. We must remove all the debts until the event,” Lupu noted.

Lupu added that since the agreement was signed, it would be ratified. “We must take into account the time we have in order to ratify the agreement on the period when the parliament will be functional. Though it does not mean that Moldova will accede to the EU in one or two years,” Lupu said.

He noted that the authorities still had to work in terms of corruption. “We have a system problem, as a high level of tolerance for corruption is recorded in Moldova, and it is needed to attack the system, not just to pretend we are working”, Lupu concluded.

Adapted from Moldpres