Kuban revives the tour route to the Black Sea through the Caucasus Mountain Range

Krasnodar Krai plans to revive the tour route from the Khadyzhensk town of the Apsheronsky District to the Ashe settlement of the Tuapsinsky District.

This project, called “Along the mountain paths of Kuban”, is developed by the searching organization “Arsenal”, headed by Alexander Shilin. In 2013 the searchers have managed to get a grant for implementation of this idea.

“All participants of the tour will get a unique opportunity to make the fascinating crossing of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range to the Black Sea, to see the snow-covered mountains, to get to the altitude of more than 1.5 thousand meters above the sea level, to learn more with mountain lakes and water falls, and ancient burial places. War battles of the Second World War took place at many segments of this route”, - the press service of the Apsheronsky District Administration has informed.

English translation by BSN