Rejection of Russian gas will cost Ukraine 207 billion dollars

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has prepared a report which Ukraine has a chance at energy independence and rejection of Russian gas in 2030, if we can attract 207 billion dollars., According to «Kommersant-Ukraine» with reference to the Financial Times.

The report of the IEA said that high energy prices and the biggest problem is the balance of payments of Ukraine: the country is paying an annual $ 12 billion. for Russian fuel, forcing authorities to seek a solution.

Abandoning Russian gas may be due to increase energy efficiency. Even Russian industry consumes 45% less fuel per unit of heat and energy than Ukrainian. In the EU, this figure is 80% lower. In addition, Ukraine has to build its own gas production, which would require 4.3 billion investment each year until 2030 This package will allow the country to 2030, not only refuse to import gas, but also export it to Eastern Europe, notes the IEA.

These measures have already declared in Ukraine's Energy Strategy until 2030 document provides for an increase in annual gas production to 44.4 billion cubic meters. m and a decrease in imports to 5 billion cubic meters. However, just for the program incorporated two times less than estimated by the IEA - to $ 100 billion.

In the Energy Ministry refused to comment the findings of IEA. But a source in the ministry calls this estimate too high. «In the first 9 months (2012), we have reduced the consumption of gas by 2.9 billion cubic meters, and built up its production to 150 million cubic meters. This took a total of about $ 1 billion., - Said the source publication. - Clearly that the further the more expensive will be cost savings and increased production, but also such amounts, as they say in the IEA, can not be talked. »

Adapted from UNN