Turkish military budget to exceed $10 billion

The military budget of Turkey for 2013 will reach the amount of 20.3 billion liras (11.2 billion USD), exceeding the 2012 budget by 11.8%.

Turkey will increase its expenses for the General Directorate of Security from 12.1 to 14.7 billion liras. The coast guard expenses will rise from 375.9 million to 432 million liras. The intelligence budget of the country will also be increased: from 750.9 to 995.5 million liras.

At the same time Turkey plans to raise the budget of the gendarmerie, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other law enforcement agencies. The total law enforcement block budget will rise by 16.3 % - up to 45.3 billion liras (25.1 billion USD).

According to the mass media, one of the key factors, influencing the growth of the law enforcement agencies’ budget, includes counteraction to fighters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, lasting for the last 28 years. In addition to that, Turkish relations with Syria, where the civil war still continues, have become more complicated recently.

It has been earlier informed that Turkey, in particular, intends to allocate 4 billion USD for purchase of anti-aircraft missile systems with the mean radius of action. The list of possible options has included Russian S-400 systems «Triumph».

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